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When you surf into a beautiful website, do you ever realize the painstaking process that the website designer has undertaken to integrate its important qualities in them? An attractive web design is a part of any website and when integrated with SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques, it plays an important role in attracting prospective online customers towards its website.The targeted potential customer then updates its knowledge about the websites product or services and invests in them when necessary. When a designer designs a beautiful website, it takes into consideration a few design qualities which are:An attractive website design should enjoy a great navigation experienceThere are many beautiful websites with attractive designs, but many times a potential online visitor gets confused and lost in its many complex web pages. One of the key elements of a great website is that it should give its online visitors easy navigation experience. It thus becomes mandatory that your website enjoys a clear site map and has a menu that is easy to understand by even a simple computer novice. The easier the navigation experience in your website, the more time your online visitor would enjoy in your website.Visually enhanced website designWhen a web designer designs web pages for its website, it should have appeal to the eye of the online visitors and enjoy a good recall value. Currently the trend in web designing is going towards minimalist designs. You would now see various websites sporting monochromatic color schemes and interesting use of graphics against the black and white backgrounds. The advanced version of HTML and JavaScript has replaced Flash as a technology that was popular in website designing.Develop designs which are interactive and compatible with most search enginesWhen developing a design for your website, the designer has to make it compatible with various search engines platforms. Otherwise the website would suffer from poor online traffic immediately. Another important element of a website design is that it is interactive. Currently there is a trend in web design layout being responsive. This simplifies the interaction of the online customers with their websites and leads to the growth of an enhanced sales relationship between the two.Other important elements in an attractive web structure include using superior online content which are informative for the online visitors and creating an exact brand reputation for your company. The next time you need to develop a website design, check if your web designer is using the above elements in your website and create quick online success for your website.